Weston, Vermont Places of Worship

Church on the Hill

Church on The Hill located in beauitful Weston, Vermont

For nearly two centuries, the Church on the Hill has been a cherished landmark in the historic village of Weston, Vermont. Built in 1838, its dramatic setting and graceful architecture make it today one of the most photographed buildings in southern Vermont.

Founded by Baptists, it has since become the Weston Community Church and today embraces a broad range of spiritual beliefs.

However, the Church is more than just a building. It is a place of spirituality, a place of peace and a place of music. Throughout the year, the Church offers a variety of programs ranging from traditional Sunday services to Evensong and Vespers, musical events that take advantage of the near perfect acoustics of the Church.

Each Summer, a volunteer group of music lovers, incorporated as “Sundays on the Hill” sponsors a series of Sunday afternoon classical concerts performed in the Church by leading professional artists that have included Elisabeth vonTrapp, Counterpoint and the Boston Trio.

The Church also welcomes other musicians who would like to host an event in this music-centric setting. To inquire about availability, please contact us at info@vtchurchonthehill.org.

The history, the setting and the music are important but at the core we are a community church that supports a variety of spiritual beliefs. We provide an alternative to today’s frenetic world; an opportunity to focus on renewal of mind and spirit. Both our traditional Services and our Evensong/Vespers focus on providing a unique perception of the universal relationship with the Creator.

Year-round, the Church on the Hill is also the site of many weddings, christenings, ordinations, other personal events and special community activities.


Old Parish Church

Weston's Old Parish ChurchThe Old Parish Church is an historic structure. The decision to erect a meeting house was made at Weston’s second Town Meeting. Construction of the building began in 1816 and was completed in 1832. It’s appearance today is little changed from the time of its construction, the only significant alteration being the replacement of a simple dome over the doorway with today’s clock tower.

For over 100 years (1866-1972), the Old Parish Church also served as Weston’s Town Hall, at which time a second floor was installed at balcony level and has since been removed. 

Old Parish Church is a family-oriented village institution in the timeless style of rural New England community churches. Services are held at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, the Old Parish Church reflects a variety of denominational traditions and enjoys a diverse, informal and welcoming congregation. Please visit when you get the chance.